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The firm focused on provision of myriad of financial services to both local and international clients.




The British Virgin Islands (BVI), situated about 60 miles east of Puerto Rico, is an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, which enjoys responsibility for its own internal self-government.

The official currency of the BVI has been the United States Dollar (US$) since 1959.

As a British Overseas Territory, the BVI offers all the security and stability that is traditionally associated with the British flag. It is responsible for its own self-government through a democratically elected House of Assembly.

The United Kingdom remains responsible for the BVI’s external affairs, defense, internal security, and judicial system. However, because of the BVI’s integrity and responsiveness to the interests of the financial community, together with its commitment to good governance, the British Government has devolved responsibility for the development and management of its own financial services industry.

The BVI has become the world’s largest corporate domicile, with more than 1,000,000 companies incorporated in the jurisdiction and over 2,000 registered and recognized mutual funds.

The BVI provides a neutral and safe platform to pool and access capital, which is recognized by leading international investors and banks.

The BVI key points

The BVI is one of the world’s leading finance centers offering stability with a progressive and democratic society. Some advantages are:

  • Legal system based on English common law
  • Total absence or minimum levels of taxation
  • High level of confidentiality and privacy
  • There are no minimum share capital requirements
  • Registered or bearer shares are permitted
  • There is no requirement to pay capital gains, inheritance taxes or death duties
  • Maximum security of assets includes the ability to transfer domicile
  • A wide range of application are possible
  • Great offshore asset protection benefits
  • Corporate bank accounts can be opened without being present at the bank

HLB Trinity BVI Ltd

Dating back to 2009, HLB Trinity and its affiliates commenced operating a conglomerate of independent financial services firm.

Since then, the Directors, Mr. Kenneth Hodge – Managing Director, and Mr. Anghel R. George – Finance and IT Director with combined experience of over 30 years in the financial services industry leading the way, the firm has grown considerably and has evolved over the years.

HLB Trinity BVI  and its affiliates employ a team of over 14 people, and it is run by two Partners, each one of them specializing in different areas, in order to provide our clients with an outstanding level of service in each area of expertise.

The firm is licenced by the Ministry of Trade and is regulated by both the BVI Financial Services Commission and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

HLB Trinity BVI is one of the oldest Audit and Accounting Firms on the Island and has a strong local and international client base including public listed entities.

HLB Trinity BVI is a member of HLB International, a worldwide network of independent accounting and consultancy firms.

The firm provides a range of services including accounting, audit (external + internal), payroll, business Advisory, cyber security audit and compliance audit services to a broad range of clients in the private and public sectors.

Affiliated Company:

Carre Trust  (BVI) Limited holds a Class 1 trust licence and provides both trust and company management business from within the BVI.

Carre Trust

Th operates from offices situated in the center of Road Town and easily reachable from any part of the island.