Audit & Assurance

Our team, with vast experience in providing professional audit services, work with diligence and solid knowledge to give you certainty in decision making and risk mitigation.

Audit quality is of fundamental importance for maintaining trust in the financial reporting process and the integrity of financial information.

Our approach to audits is about more than numbers. Personal involvement of directors in all audit engagements is a feature of our service.

Our auditors make it their business to understand your industry, your long‐term strategy and the risks and the rewards that you might face now and moving forward. Our auditors go beyond the financial details to immerse themselves in helping you grow.

HLB Trinity BVI audit services include external audit, internal audit and cyber security audit.

All regulated entities in the British Virgin Islands such as banks, public funds, trust companies, insurance companies and money service companies are mandated to lodge audited financial statements with the BVI Financial Services Commission within 4 to 6 months of the end of the entity’s financial year.

While some companies may not be required by statute to have an external audit conducted, there is usually a need for such audits to be performed in order to provide key stakeholders with a degree of reasonable assurance that the reported performance of the company is devoid of material misstatements.